Daniel walked into the attorney’s office on that Tuesday morning with a defeated look on his face. I sat next to him while he was describing the descent into financial oblivion. He never imagined he would ever be in a position he’d only read about. His attorney was gracious to lift his head back up and give him some dignity. He explained that it was very common for people to start over financially and Bankruptcy was an option carrying a stigma that needed no to be shamed over. At the end of the process, my friend, Daniel’s dark cloud had lifted and he was able to star fresh not only financially but mentally as well.

Why do people file of Bankruptcy?

On a weekly basis, thousands of people file for Bankruptcy to get out of critical debt burden.  For most people it doesn’t happen overnight, it may be the result of a series of events or one major event that devastate one’s financial situation. No matter the issue, the Bankruptcy route is often a go-to solution people think of. We must approach it with empathy and passion.

Here are some of the reasons people choose Bankruptcy:

  • Expensive Medical bills 
  • Poor financial management
  • Divorce 
  • Unexpected emergencies such as catastrophes 
  • Income loss or reduced revenue

Expensive Medical Bills

Medical problems is one of the most common reason people file for bankruptcy. This is usually unexpected as no one plans to get sick or to have a seriously ill family member.  Even with an insurance plan, depending on the kind of situation an individual faces, the cost of medical bills can be devastating to someone or to a family. This can quickly become frustrating and put a dent in your finances. At PBM Law Offices, we help people walk this out.

Mismanagement of finances

There can be various reasons, however, most commonly, people use their credit with little cautious and get in trouble. You can buy a home, a car and still have student loan debt and living on a tight budget. A minor unexpected problem can push you over the edge. While it’s important to seek financial management help, a bankruptcy can help put you back on track.


One of the most heart-wrenching reason people file for bankruptcy is marital termination. While there is a financial rift happening in a couple’s life, the emotional valley they are crossing makes everything 10 times harder. The traumatic experience increases the household’s expenses while the income is divided. The expenses can become uncontrollable and drowning is a feeling most divorcing couples experience. PBM Law Offices in Vista, California, can help you determine the best course of action and walk you through the process should you decide to file.

Unexpected emergencies

Imagine an earthquake or a fire that tears though the city and your house, and vehicle get destroyed. That tragedy doesn’t just happen to other people in the news. It actually happens to everyday people and can happen to you. Pamela J. Brown-McGill at PBM Law, has the experience to talk you through options from a catastrophic damage to your property.

Income loss or reduced income

Let’s face it, no man is ever safe from sudden income loss through job loss, or business terminating operations. People can bounce back from this without filing for bankruptcy, however, there are many cases of prolonged lack of income. This can cause people to find themselves in financial trouble and unable to fulfill their responsibilities. No matter the circumstance, there are options to help people come out of financial distress.

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